Chicago Sunset Fall Family Session | Chicago Family Photographer | Heather Hackney Photography

As a family photographer I think it’s important to understand all types of light. Especially living in a city like Chicago when you have no idea what the day is going to bring. Does sunny and 60 on Monday and 32 and overcast on Tuesday sound familiar to anyone? People often ask me, “what is your favorite type of light?”. The answer is - I really like all types of light for different reasons. I enjoy the natural soft even light that overcast days bring, I love harsh light for dramatic portraits, and low light for really moody images that have lots of depth. Heck, I even like making my own light and getting creative with off camera flash. But, if I had to chose just one…one that really makes my heart sing - it’s that warm even golden light that you only get certain days. There’s something special about it when it decides to show up (which in the Fall in Chicago it often times decides not to). When is does shine on those rare Chicago Fall days, it is simply breathtaking. The way the warm glow hits your hair, your face, your skin. It’s all just magic.

No matter what light we get for your Chicago family session, my goal remains the same. To capture your connection, your emotion and to tell your story. It is possible to create beautiful images on even the dreariest days - because you are the subject, you are what matters and you are the story.

Since I’m on the topic of my favorite light, I’ve included a little slideshow of a recent session that was blessed with some of the most magical light I have found all season. And keep watching - we even lucked out with a full moon at dusk.

If you are hoping to capture something more than just your traditional Christmas card photos this year, I would love to connect with you and help tell your story - even if we get your typical dreary Chicago Fall day ;).