Chicago Family Storytelling Session | Montrose Beach | Montrose Harbor | Chicago Family Photographers | Heather Hackney Photography

"Paradise has never been about places.  It exists in moments.  In connection.  In flashes across time."  - Victoria Erickson

I want to tell your story.  When I think about my favorite personal family photos, they aren't the ones that were taken in a studio (although those are beautiful too, and there is a place for them).  They are the images that were taken by family in the comfort of our home;  on vacation;  at the beach;  or playing in the yard.   My favorite's are always images focused on real moments, real smiles, real embraces.  The ones that take you back to that place in time.  The photos that when you look at them, you can feel how much you were loved.  The images where no one is looking at the camera, but instead looking and laughing at each other.  And the ones that are tender and all wrapped up in long embraces.  My favorite's are always the photos that are focused on exactly who we were in that moment.  

I want to tell the story of who you are as a family at this very brief period in time.  To show you how your children look at you in those quiet moments, how you played together, how you loved.   How your favorite place is in each others arms.   I'll encourage you to get in close, meld together and forget I'm even there.  The focus of our session will be on you connecting with each other.  I want you to look into those sweet eyes, to tell them stories,  to tell them that you love them over and over again.

When you see your gallery I want you to think "this is exactly us."  

I'll never ask you to say cheese;  I'll never request a pretend look at me and smile;  I'll never force you into awkward and uncomfortable poses.

All I ask is for you to be you.  

It would be an honor to tell your story.