Chicago Family Beach Session | Lake Michigan | Lakeside, Michigan | Heather Hackney Photography | Chicago Beach Photographer

I met Lindsey on our second day of Kindergarten drop off. It was a really tough day. You see, my son has a hard time with transition; so day two was really filled with a racing heartbeat, tears and begging for me to come with him. It was heartbreaking and I was trying my best to keep it together…then Lindsey came over and gave me a hug and said exactly what I was feeling, “this is so hard.” And it was, but it felt really nice to have someone standing there with me acknowledging that this feeling (while it seems silly, come on it’s just kindergarten!) was relevant. On my walk home I kept thinking about what a nice person Lindsey was to come up to a complete stranger and support them during a time when they feel helpless.

Over the past three weeks, I’ve been lucky enough to get to know Lindsey’s whole family - and they are seriously the nicest people I have met in my entire life. When they asked me if I would be willing to travel to Michigan to capture their family on their favorite beach I jumped at the opportunity. In Lakeside, MI the sun dips into Lake Michigan at sunset (versus behind us on the beach in Chicago) which created such a gorgeous variety of glowing warm light for our sunset session. To say it was magical is a bit of an understatement.

My goal was to capture their family just as I see them - full of love and happiness. I really put my heart into all of my family sessions, so when Patrick and Lindsey both said these are the best family photos they’ve ever had, it meant the world to me.

Click the slideshow below to see some of my favorite’s from our Lake Michigan beach session together. And, I don’t mean to make you jealous, but I get to squeeze that gorgeous baby of theirs every morning - and he’s just as edible in person as he is in these images.